Sunday, October 31, 2010

the story of three brothers

three male siblings who want to cross a river that is too deep and too dangerous to swim. But because they are great magicians, they conjured a bridge across river. In the middle of the bridge, they found a hooded person, namely the Death himself. Death became angry because the three brothers who are good at it through the river without injured while those who seek through the river before it all sinks. The Death pretend to congratulate the witches and told that each of them deserve a reward for their amazing magic.

The oldest brother, who likes to fight, ask unbeatable wand worthy of a magician who has conquered Death. To comply, the Death took Elder tree branch and create a magic wand that gave the eldest brother. A second brother, the proud, intended to embarrass the Death again and asked for the power to summon the dead.The Death picked up a stone from the riverbank and told that the stone has the power of resurrection. The third brother is the most humble, most wise, and do not believe the death. He asks for something that can make it go without being able to follow the Death. So, the Death with extremely reluctant to give the Invisibility Cloak to a third brother.
After some time, the trio split up and go in their respective adventures. The oldest brother fought in a duel who always won, boasts a magic wand that the obtainment of the death. One night, when he was asleep, a witch who envy crept and cut his throat, then take a magic wand it for himself. The first brother who also fell into the hands of Death.

A second brother has a house and lived there alone. He took the stone one day and rotate it three times in his hand. A woman he loved, but had died, appeared at his side.She was inseparable from the world of death, sad and cold. The second brother went mad and killed himself to follow the woman he loved. The second brother also fell into the hands of Death.However, Death was never found that a third brother until he removed his robes and handed it to his son. The Death also appeared on the side of a third brother who welcomed his old friend and they left the world with an equal.

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