Sunday, May 5, 2013


yesterday, I just get a bomb attack. I never thought would have a major impact on my heart. someone who noticed lately, watching behind. story this way, he came to class with me for the same meeting. I've sat with the body erect not try to say hello, but he did not see me, I bite my handphone consequently upset. and a person who sits next to me saw my behavior * omg!! I hope she did not know the purpose of my behavior *  ok, since I decided to indifferent to him. and apparently really say if we do it will result in magnetism of the man. when home he spoke to me because I stood him up on a stool, his hands take care of me. I was really not able to speak, when he left I felt my face heat up. I do not know this feeling, and to this day the incident made ​​me smile like a crazy person.
it's really big bomb effect.

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