Saturday, December 7, 2013

ama..zing that frustrating

this time I just look back past time in social media and you can call facebook :p
that was amazing I just think so fast that time is running. back to 2009
I just found something fun in my school  hahah you can cal OSIS (Organisasi Siswa Intra Sekolah) something like school organisation. im in freshmen who want to be board on this organisation, i think thats really cool. after i got it, it was really really ama..zing. i get boom haha, that's no easy like a look you know? till i gift my chair to junior *huft i can handle it.  so ama..zing now i just 19 and in college im senior yeaahh i just in second grade but I HAVE JUNIOR hahah. i cant believe i'll 20 OMG!! mom dad your daughter will be a mature woman. but sometime I still have think i just a girl who need parents you know, who want still playing around, messing around, joking around, rolling around. i can't  thinking about my future, what will I do, what can I do, who am  I in the future, what will I get. and this is really crazy, i'll get 20 soon.. very very soon.
i Hope i can think about my future, something like question in up, i can answer than. i hope... :))
last.. I promise i'll make my parents and my family proud of me. i'll never ever make them  disappointed because of me.

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